I have been a little baffled by the absence of any form of activity in the area where I am living now, in Dorset.
I am new to this county and when I first moved here I was happily served since almost ten years and never had the incentive to actually explore the D/s scene in the Dorset county, for my interest was yet concentrated on locations like London or other European metro areas like Paris, Milano, Berlin.
Now that I have a little more time on my hands I am looking around and finding that the city where I live should actually need some more events.
I am thinking about a munch.

If you live in Dorset and would be interested in a meeting to happen in the Bournemouth/Poole area, let me know.




You probably have seen it in various Bdsm sites or forums or blogs, the MUNCH mentioning.
But what is a munch exactly?
Munches started back in the 80s and I know that not because I am that old but because I have been told.
They started in a time where internet was just being conceived and there wasn't all the access to info available to all like it is now with the www.
How did people get to know about Bdsm lifestyle or events back then? Being submissive or dominant is not a "virus" of the internet times. It is a natural inclination, like being gay, people are born like this.
Back in time also the taboos around this particular lifestyle were many and the moral judges even more. To meet and discuss on topics about Bdsm or simply to chat in general and to get to know each other, people into this lifestyle started gathering in public places like pubs, restaurants, parks and whatever other place they might find suitable for the purpose.
Those gathering were called MUNCH due to one among the first places where they started, a burgers restaurant/spot in the USA.
Burger munch was the expression used until it was cut down to munch.

What happens during a munch today and where do munches happen?

Munches can happen anywhere now, even in a comfy room of a small flat if the group organizing it (or the person) finds it suitable enough.
The main aim is to socialize, meet other people in the same area with the same interests, give a help to all the newbies not accustomed with the lifestyle yet, exchange info or experiences, generally aid each other and support.

Places where to find events like munches

I personally love Fetlife, Informed Consent and Slave Register.
They all have a calendar of happenings, including munches.
For example:

Informed Consent is listing a munch for each day of this week  (Monday the 4th to Sunday the 10th of June 2012). Some of these events might be far from you while others might be closer.
Check them out to see if there is any requirements to participate and mainly to check what they are about.