Friday the 30th of November 2012 at Club Colosseum from 10pm to 5amAs stated on their website, numerous events will happen during the night/morning:

* Large team of House Slaves to serve and pamper female guests.
* Tantric massage service for women.
* Massive play space featuring over 15 pieces of fabulous kit.
* DJs Acid Jo & Jamie Moon playing the suitably eclectic mix.
* The Goddess room.
* Best Dressed Man competition.
* Select-A-slave in the goddess room at 11pm.
* 'Maitre D' service for women.

Remember that Club Pedestal also offers a very interesting selection of live performances.
The 30th of November event will see:

* Sophia Landi and Sex0r
* Aurora Galore and her lovable performance partner Dave the Bear (Cubs)
* Special anniversary performance `Heart Strings` by Beatrix Carlotta and her favourite marionette of a man, Josh Brandao

The Colosseum is conveniently close to Vauxhall tube and national rail stations in London (5 minute walk) : Club Colosseum, Market Towers, 1 Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall, London SW8 5NQ.
There is a free car park next to the club, the entrance is just past the Colosseum entrance

Singles £18 in advance, £20 on the door.
Couples £30 in advance, £35 on the door

Tickets can be purchased online here:
Joanna Lark online :


Below, a slideshow form the event of September 2012, photos as usual by derek

Club Pedestal event will take place on the 13th of July at Club Colosseum, London, from 10pm to 5am.

BEFORE the event we can all meet up at VOX, the bar right next to Club Colosseum, to socialize and meet up. The access to the bar is free and there is no dress code required, so you can go in there with your outfits for the Club Pedestal event.

For more info visit their webpage, here:



Just a reminder


From my bed of suffering and coughing I want to remind you all of the upcoming Club Pedestal event, which will take place on July the 13th from 10pm to 5am at Club Colosseum in London.Live performances among which Count Adriano Fettucini with his wonderful Boylesque Unicycle.

Ladies, remember that Club Pedestal has a tons of goodies and services for you to enjoy:

Large team of House Slaves to serve
Tantric massage service for women
Huge play space
The Goddess room
Select-A-slave in the goddess room at 11pm

And so much more!

More info here:


Singles £18 in advance, £20 at the door
Couples £30 in advance, £35 at the door

Coming event: Friday the 13th of July at Club Colosseum from 10pm to 5am.

Live performances will start at 12am with: Count Adriano Fettucini, Cynth Icorn, Henry Higgins

At Club Pedestal you will be pampered like a Queen:

Large team of House Slaves to serve and pamper female guests
Tantric massage service for women
Massive play space featuring over 15 pieces of fabulous kit
DJs Acid Jo & Jamie Moon playing the suitably eclectic mix
The Goddess room
Best Dressed Man competition
Select-A-slave in the goddess room at 11pm
Maitre D' service for women

Admission fees:

Singles £18 in advance
Singles £20 on the door
Couples £30 in advance
Couples £35 at the door

Tickets can be bought online here:

Club Pedestal is back to the bi-monthly events, sadly.
Apparently the venue hosting the events cannot grant the monthly schedule anymore.
The good news is that a new event date has been fixed and it will be for the 13th of July 2012.
If you wish to have more info, visit their website, here:




Ok, I am not the type of Mistress who dresses in black leather and silly outfits. I view my dominance as a natural condition, like the color of my hair or of my eyes. I am not here judging how other Mistresses intend to live their own experience but I am indeed not part of the Circus that has been built around D/s in recent years.
I am poshy and although I love to embrace all diversities and be curious about things that doesn't mean I will conform. I will never.
Said so, I love Club Pedestal events. They are colorful, a little trashy (in a cute way) and surely a good start for any Mistress at heart who has never stepped into the D/s world yet.
My advice for the natural Mistresses out there who are new to this "field" is to find the help of a more experienced Mistress (and sadly you will not find many ready to help) or start attending clubs events, many around UK.
Club Pedestal is one of the best club to start with.
Here you can find the link to their website:

Last event was  Saturday the 25th of May 2012 at Club Colosseum from 10 pm to 5 am.
If you visit their website you will find useful info on next events, nice naughty pictures of past events. The website is good to check out both for Mistresses and slaves/subs.
The pictures page is full of images of the latest event and if you are into getting a little crazy for one night you can see that Club Pedestal events are the right events for that.
On the other hand, if you are like me you will be welcome anyway.

The Club has some house slaves who are available for the Mistresses who do not have their own or are unescorted for that particular evening.

What is BDSM?


Searching online about BDSM will give you back  numerous link with definitions and articles trying to explain what BDSM is. 
BDSM is an acronym which stands  for Bondage Dominance/Discipline  Submission/Sadism Masochism.  A whole lot of things as it appears from its definition. 
I am personally "old school" and I believe in what is called natural dominance and natural submission. I am not here throwing any judgment about how others live BDSM and I am merely speaking for myself. 
I have always been a dominant person, since childhood when playing with Barbies and Ken. Usually the chosen Barbie of the day would torment and boss around the poor Ken, forcing him to various acts of submission from cleaning her boots to washing her kitchen floor, cooking, doing the laundry, driving her about and of course spend all his money on her, making of her the Princess while he was but her mere butler whose only aim was to make her happy, she whose smile was worth more than all efforts he was called upon. 
That was my childhood with toys. 
My childhood with other children of my same age or even older than myself wasn't easy at all as you can imagine for I was always trying to project my personality outwards and of course it wouldn't work so well, not with all at least. Being a bossy, commanding child surely doesn't attract the sympathies of many, adults included. I have had difficult years in kindergarten and in primary school exacerbated by the fact that, seen my peculiar character my parents thought that to "correct" my attitude it would have been better for me to be put into a religious institute ran by nuns. I am Italian and church back in those days had its weight still and catholic school were the most rigid, private school in my country. My parents surely meant well but those years in the religious institute were a nightmare for me, for the nuns and for my family too. 
I was very good at school, top of the class through all of my childhood and secondary school but it was my attitude what was worrying, not my results at studies. 
Because my attitude didn't improve at all but got worse I was taken to a Psychology for the Children division in Genova, to have my brain never knows.... 
Result was that I am a very clever person, above average and with a very distinctive trait of sense of superiority, assertiveness, tendency to boss around and to have things done my way or no way at all. "The child is difficult" was the result and the recommendation was to keep me busy with something, always, to encourage my thirst of knowledge through higher education. The sentence was rather crude on my parents : my characteristics could have led me to sanctity or a career in the criminal department. 
Thankfully neither. 
Infant psychology back then wasn't too well developed and I am not a saint nor a criminal. 
Secondary school was slightly better although I had started acknowledging myself and my very basic instincts. It was the dawn of computing so I didn't have access to the tons of info that are available today. I could perceive something inside of me, more clearly as I was growing up. I couldn't name it or classify it but it was there. My relations with the opposite sex were non existent as I considered myself far superior to any "male" to even think of trying it out. 
I had a final breakthrough when my brother, who is older than me, brought home a comics book called Valentina by Guido Crepax. I used to steal the book when my brother was away from home and going through the stories I found myself intrigued by the dominance acts to which Valentina was subjected. I would have wanted to try them too but not on a woman, my fantasies were all projected toward men. Although Valentina was based on sexual domination fantasies my needs and instincts didn't involve the sexual part at all. What I used to picture in my brain were images of myself tormenting a man, whatever man really, like I used to do with Barbie upon Ken with the difference  that now my fantasies had me as the main actress playing the role of the dominant. 
Internet and the web helped me further in understanding that I wasn't alone, odd, strange, out of this world but that there were entire communities of people sharing my tendencies and needs. 
So what is BDSM to me? 
It's Dominance and Submission among two (or more) consensual people, with no violence involved where the sub(missive) gives control upon his person and his properties to a dom(inant) who takes control and rules every instant of the sub's life. 
It has nothing to do with sex or kinky sexual games (although if searched upon on the web it seems to be revolving around sex. In my case it is not. I am far too precious to even be touched by any sub.) 
It has nothing to do with extreme practices of sado/masochism. 
It is a pure form of control where rules are dictated and demanded to be followed without questioning. 
Why did I speak of "natural" at the beginning? because I believe that some of us are born dominant while some others are born submissive. Some want to be pleased, some want to please without giving anything in return or receiving anything in return just for the pleasure to rule or to obey.